Julio Soto Noyola is originally from Puerto Escondido, Mexico. He started painting while working in a surf shop at age 18, using it as a way to mask repairs on damaged boards. His paintings gradually became more elaborate and artistic and clients began seeking him out to create and execute designs on intact boards. While abroad in 2010, he was exposed to and influenced by a number of distinct styles from Fine Art to Graffiti. Julio‘s art is inspired by his native Mexican culture, Cholo Culture, and his passion for surfing and tattoos. During his travels, Julio began drawing and upon his return, he was contracted to paint murals in a popular restaurant. He has since completed a variety of local mural projects as well as multiple commissioned pieces for the magazine Viva Puerto, in addition to his personal projects.  

Julio Soto Noyola lives and works in Puerto Escondido.